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She Reigns
11 x 14

It's been touted that the male lion is king of his domain. His regal appearance, showy and magnificent. A stunning mane protects his vital neck region during fierce, short lived battles with rival males. However, aside from his protective and reproductive duties, the male reaps the rewards from the true work force in the scenario. The lioness takes on the proverbial "lions share" of the duties in the pride. The pervasive struggle she endures to ensure the survival of her species slowly chips away at her biological resources. She is ever alert, and always means business.

Gestating, birthing, nursing and caring for young is draining enough on any animal. Combine this with the fact that the female takes on sole hunting duties, and it becomes a remarkable feat and testament to her strength. Even while close to near starvation herself, she expends the last of her energy stalking, chasing and killing prey. The female lions in the pride hunt together. Working as a team, they carefully surround potential prey in a strategic manner to successfully secure a kill. They give birth synchronically and raise each other's cubs communally, some babysitting while others are out hunting.

 In the animal kingdom, the importance of the female of the species has long been established. The lioness embodies the best of what we consider human female traits; endurance, determination, loyalty, nurturing, sacrifice and support.