promoting conservation through artistic efforts
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 Wildlife artist Lori Dunn is one of Canada’s premiere scratchboard artists. Enrolled in painting classes as a child, and encouraged throughout school, it was presumed that she would continue to pursue an artistic career. With a passion and keen interest in animals, however, Lori steered naturally to the sciences. Graduating with a BSc. in Zoology she entered into a 15 year career as a professional zookeeper. 

These years of experience gave her a deep appreciation for the need to protect habitat and endangered species. After several years as a zookeeper and naturalist, Lori resumed her artistic endeavors finding a way to combine her artistic ability and her desire to conserve nature. Most of her artworks are accompanied by a narrative serving to educate others on the conservation status of the species and its importance to our environment.

As a zookeeper, Lori has worked with a vast array of animals ranging from the tiniest invertebrates to elephants and gorillas. Her special area of interest and knowledge, however, is that of reptiles and amphibians. She continues to educate others on the importance of these creatures in our ecosystems, and hopes that through her art she can break down some of the misconceptions and phobias people have about snakes and other maligned species.

Scratchboard allows this artist the control over detail that she strives for. These black and white clayboard engravings produce works of art with incredible realism and quality of light and are considered by many artists to be one of the most difficult mediums to master. You can read about the process of scratchboard here.

Lori Dunn's work has been showcased in many museums and galleries in North America. She has won several awards in exhibitions worldwide. In addition, her work has been featured in several blogs, publications and magazines including Arabella, Canada's foremost art magazine. 

Lori is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists and has acheived Master status through the International society of scratchboard artists. She is also the Marketing director of ISSA and works to promote the medium of scratchboard art. Lori creates her artworks from Herpworks Wildlife Art studio at her home near Norwood, Ontario where she enjoys spending her free time hiking, kayaking and photographing wildlife.