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Seeking The Source
6 x 9

This is the third piece in a series I have done using a graphic "bokeh" effect to denote filtered light in the background. Bokeh is translated from Japanese to mean "blur". The term has been used by photographers in reference to the way the camera lens renders out of focus points of light. This effect within an artwork allows an abstract element to be juxtaposed with a subject done in realism. I've found the contrast to be rather appealing and have been experimenting somewhat with the effect.

 This artwork was created using three different references for the hummingbird and the bokeh background was made up on the fly (pun intended). The back lighting on the bird was also achieved without the use of a reference. Challenging myself in this way, has heightened my critical thought process as I work in this difficult medium, where elements cannot be re positioned and mistakes not easily corrected.