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Frozen In Time
14 x 20
I am often amazed at how one can live in a country and only ever see a fraction of its wildlife inhabitants! As an avid herper, I am usually out hiking in the summer with my head down, oblivious to any birds or mammals around me. In the winter, however I try to do some birding and mammal watching. There are bobcats in my area but they have eluded me so far. Typical of felids, they are secretive and mainly nocturnal, so my odds are slim. This species (Lynx rufus) has 13 subspecies – a fact I find remarkable.  

I wondered what it would be like to be on a hike and turn my head (from either sheer luck or a sixth sense) and suddenly see one, silent and unmoving, staring at me. We would both be frozen in time in that moment! I began searching for some snow and ice covered rocks typical of the Canadian Shield for reference in this piece. Not finding any nice “icicle laden” rocks, I ended up using the icicles hanging from my garage roof for reference. Using only a no.11 blade and no other tools, the delicate shading of the snow required hours of fine cross hatching to achieve.